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Alpha medical, Ltd., is a leader amongst laboratory diagnostics providers in Slovak Republic and biggest provider of laboratory diagnostics in Central Europe.

We provide our services in Slovakia through a network built on 4 large-scale laboratories and 40 satellite laboratories, including 4 pathological centres and field offices. We offer a wide range of more than 2000 examinations in fields of clinic biochemistry, hematology and transfusion, clinic immunology and allergology, clinic microbiology, medical genetics and pathological anatomy. Alpha medical company is present in Slovak market since 1997 and since 2009 is present in neighbouring countries markets. In the Czech market we are represented by subsidiaries belonging to AeskuLab group.

Alpha medical is constantly expanding with new laboratories and workstations. Since 2013 we obtained 26 laboratories - hospitals and outpatient clinics - in Slovakia. The biggest genetical examinations provider - Gendiagnostica group, joined Alpha medical company last year.

We are still improving the scope of examinations and implementing modern methods of diagnostics in line with new global trends. We use the latest generation of instruments from world-renowned manufacturers and apply EU certified technologies only. Our laboratories, in addition to internal and external quality controls, are going under SNAS accreditation pass, which promises top quality guaranteed by the independent authority.

In our laboratories, we test samples from nearly 11,000 patients, executing over 78,000 examines. Our pathology departments evaluate over 65,000 bioptic and 200,000 cytological samples annually. For the collection of biological material we provide the necessary material for free and provide transit of samples with our own transport service on over 60 routes across Slovakia.

Alpha medical company is a contractual partner of all health insurance companies in Slovakia. We offer our services to 80 hospitals and clinics and to more than 4000 ambulatory doctors in Slovakia.

We are doing everything possible to make Alpha medical, Ltd., a synonym for modern comprehensive laboratory diagnosis with premium quality and wide availability.

Are you a patient interested in examination? We offer a wide range of tests for convenient price with the possibility of taking sample at our affiliate doctor or in our sampling sites.

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